Thursday, September 16, 2010

These Are The Things That Melt My Heart....

Can life not get more precious than family helping each other...than watching brothers get along...than to hear from a stranger that your son is an awesome big brother that walks his younger brother to his class every day....than seeing your oldest son making a snack with your youngest one...than cheap, kid labor and finding the joy and fun in scraping wallpaper off the wall for the billionth time...than just appreciating the simple, most wonderful, blessed, little moments in time...than loving the beauty of just being a family and holding all those moments captured in time with a simple photograph....LIFE is BEAUTIFUL when you take the time to see what God has blessed and graced you with.  Not many people stop and look at how beautiful life can truly be when you appreciate it for all it's worth.  When you stop rushing around, and stop thinking about time.  And just look around your kitchen table at dinner and seeing happy faces with full bellies that are thankful for a mother's homecooking.  When you look at your children tucked in their beds each night and pray that God loves and protects them and holds them in his arms while they sleep.  When you take the time, you can see the beauty in just about anything.  Life is an awesome gift.....So GO LIVE IT!

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