Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rainbow Windsocks

I saw this super cute craft on Meg's blog, Whatever.  On Labor Day, I had to work and the younger boys were fighting with each other non stop.  So, I thought why not do something productive like a craft .  Well, then all they did was fight over paint colors, even though we have 2 or 3 of each color. {{Sigh}}.  They did manage to make these cute rainbow windsocks though.  I even dragged Sarah and Zach into it too. 

To make them you need: paper plates (cut in half); paint; glue; streamers; stapler and ribbon or yarn.  Paint a rainbow or whatever design you like on the outside of two plate halves. 

Make sure you leave a gigantic mess for Mom to clean up....You know, cause she just LOVES cleaning up messes....

After the paint dries, glue the streamers to the inside of two plates.  Once the glue dries, you match the two plates together and staple them.  Take the ribbon or yarn and make a little loopy handle and staple that to the plates too.  And hang them up.  So FUN!!

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