Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tattle Tales

As a mother of six, I can tell you I get more than my fair share of listening to tattle tales.


Can't you just hear Candance's (Phineas and Ferb's older sister) voice rattling in your head.

Every few minutes someone feels the need to tattle on their sibling. What is behind all the tattles anyway?

The other night while I was working Sarah felt the need to text me about 5 times telling me all the things that were going on at home. Normally I don't mind, since I like knowing what's going on when I'm not there, but when it comes to telling on each other non-stop it gets old really fast.

*Hey Mom did you know that Amanda made pancakes for dinner? {{How dare she make you dinner??}}

*And oh yeah, Dad told her she could go out with Tyler tonight. {{Geesh, now Dad's getting tattled on too}}

*Mom, Nick won't take a bath, he says he wants a shower instead {{If he gets clean, who cares how it's done}}

I listen to them constantly saying "I'm telling Mom" every day. And to tell the truth, most of what they tattle about is stupid little things, that I could really care less about. Now, when your older sister is chasing you down the hallway with a knife...Well, come tell me. If you break a window when you threw a toy....Come tell me.  If you're bleeding profusely from a head wound....Come tell me.  And if, your brother is about to do something stupid like climb up on the roof and jump off....Well, come tell me.  Or if your older sister sneaking out the window at night....Come tell me.

But, if you just want to tell me that your younger brother accidently scribbled on your art work....Just keep it to yourself!
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