Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yes, I caved!

I'm changing things up a bit around here some more.  It's freaking me out everytime I hit the "apply to blog" button....Believe me -  but I'm doing it anyway.  I'm still not happy about a few things, but I'll keep working on it here and there.  Life is a work in progress, so why shouldn't my blog be one too. 

I've been working on some things around the house as well.  Cleaning out some cabinets and closets....Ripping wall paper off the walls in the kitchen, so that I can prime and paint....Rich bought another chest freezer so we are rearranging the pantry.  We'll have one freezer in the garage and one in the pantry.  We have a storage room downstairs that we use as a pantry.  I did have the kids toys in there too, but I'm moving them to another room....I talked Rich into building some shelves in the laundry room too, so I will have more room to put junk (hahaha - like I really need more junk).

Busy Worker Bee

That's me.

When I'm not playing on the computer, that is.

I have a few announcements too.  I'll be starting the Moms That Blog series (see sidebar for interview links) back up soon.  If you're interested in being featured, shoot me an email - and I'll send you the questions and info.

Also, I started a "link love" discussion tab on my facebook page.  Feel free to check it out and add your own links.  And of course like my page while you're there ;-)

Happy Weekend!
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