Monday, February 07, 2011

Robot Valentine Box

Oh the fun of decorating Valentine's Day boxes...I remember all too well, receiving those little valentines at school parties.  Valentine's Day is probably my favorite holiday, next to Christmas and Halloween.  As a matter of fact, my house currently looks like Hallmark threw up in it.  I have those little paper lace doilies hanging on every window, a big red heart wreath hanging on our front door, more lacey doilies on every interior door, and various other decorations hanging here, there and everywhere. 

The boys will be having their school Valentine's Day party on Friday and since I have to work Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evening and Nicholas has wrestling practice Tuesday through Thursday, today was the only day that we could work on their boxes.  I thought they would love making some robot boxes to hold their valentines, but Nicholas decided he wanted to do his own thing.   Nathan, however, loved the idea so he made the robot box. 

I took some empty cereal boxes, empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, foil, and various decorations (hearts, doilies, glue, candy hearts, some scrap booking frames, etc.).

I cut all but one long flap off of one cereal box and then cut the side off of another one.  Then I made a head and neck shape out of the side.  And taped it to the other cereal box.  I also cut holes in the side for the toilet paper "arms".

This is harder to explain than it was to make LOL.

I covered the entire thing with foil, including the arms.

Nathan decorated the robot with wiggle eyes, and candy heart mouth and nose, and various other fun stuff.

It's a cute little fellow, isn't it?

Nicholas took a different and more traditional approach and wrapped his cereal box in foil and decorated it with lace doiles, we cut a hole in the top for the valentines.

His came out cute too, don't you think?

Now all they need is some valentines from their friends to fill them up.
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