Saturday, April 02, 2011

~ Cherry Blossoms ~

Nathan made this Super Sweet Cherry Blossom craft.......

You will need construction paper, brown paint, glue, strawberry jello and popcorn.

Pop some popcorn.   Add a packet of strawberry jello (just the powder) and the popcorn to a ziploc bag and Shake it all up.  We also used some black cherry jello for a different color.  The popcorn will turn pink (with the strawberry jello) and light purple (with the black cherry jello).

Next, paint a tree and some branches on the construction paper.
Squirt some glue on the branches - I used dots, Nathan decided to squirt the glue all over his paper.

Stick your "cherry blossoms" to the glue

This came out so cute and was more fun than just painting the blossoms on the tree.


We also made these handprint flowers before school yesterday (Nathan was up way too early and wanted to do a project before school).  This was the fastest thing I could come up with and he loved it.

Take some construction paper and trace, then cut out your child's handprint.  You can use as many different colors or handprints as you like.  We only used a few because we didn't have tons of time.

Glue some green craft sticks to the paper for the stem and leaves (we used both long and short craft sticks). 

Then glue the "flowers" to the paper and add a circle for the center. 

Wahla - quick, easy, fun craft.

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