Friday, April 01, 2011

Party Like It's 1999 - Or, Just Hit Up The Ultimate Blog Party Instead

Come join me in all the fun at 5 Minutes For Moms.....The Ultimate Blog Party 2011!

If you're new to my blog, let me share a bit about myself with you - I'm a stay at home mom of six children (yep, that says 6!), Amanda is 18, Anthony is 17, the twins Sarah and Zachary are 13, Nicholas is 9 and Nathan is 5.  You would think being a mother of six was enough to keep me busy, but I also work part time as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing care facility.  My husband, Rich and I have been married for 18+ years and live in a small southwestern Pennsylvania town....and yes, all those kids are both of our's together (you'd be surprised how often we get asked that question).

What is my blog all about - My life....really.  Life with six children calls for a lot of venting, sharing, laughing and dirty laundry (tons of laundry, wanna help fold some?).  We have loads of fun, family time at our house.  We love doing crafts and art projects.  Most of the kids love drawing or painting or cooking together.  I just got a sewing machine this last year and have had so much fun "playing" with it.  Among the crafts and sewing, I also love to cook, bake, "treasure hunt" (aka thrift store shopping) and garden.  Last year, was my first year canning and I felt like Suzy Homemaker - it was alot of hard work, but totally fun.  I guess I'm weird, because my heart is totally at home....being home. 

I love discovering new blogs and meeting moms that love their families and blogging as much as I do...hence the Moms That Blog Series that I started.   If you'd like to be interviewed, I'd love to hear more about you - shoot me an email.  You can check out some of my Cool Blogging Friends by clicking on the link on the sidebar ----->

You can also see some of the fun crafts I made with my kids.  We love doing arts and crafts and incorporating books with some of our projects.  I do like to do occasional reviews and the rare giveaway.  It's alot of fun finding new products to share (like cupcake liners - Oh, we love our cupcakes in this house) or awesome books that my kids love reading.  And of course, I share some of our family's favorite recipes, along with some kid friendly recipes as well - such as sidewalk paint, and edible peanut butter playdough, etc.

Here are some Fun and Super Cute projects that we have made......

Here's a look at some projects we did using books for our inspiration.....

A few of our family's favorite desserts....

And here are a few stories I share about my life as a wife and's a struggle, it's not easy, and Darnit these kids just keep getting bigger and older and I can't stop them from leaving me.  Seriously, enjoy all those precious moments with your kids while you WILL miss them, even all the hard, crappy stuff - Trust me!

Did I mention, I'm a Twitter and Facebook Junkie??  I'd love the support of having you follow me there as well - all my little clickies are on my sidebar  right over there  ------->

Hope you have fun on your journey through bloggy land.......Don't be a stranger - Stop back and visit me again some time, I always keep fresh homemade cookies in the cookie jar!

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