Friday, April 08, 2011

Upcycled Lamp and Candlestick

A while ago, I saw this lamp at a thrift store.  It was brass and had a really, really ugly shade, but it worked when I plugged it in.  It was $3.99, so I bought it. 

I pitched the lamp shade
(ok, so it's really sitting in the trunk of my van, waiting to be pitched ha).

I cleaned her up and gave her a pretty coat of white paint

Bought a new lamp shade for $10

And here she is......All gussied up.

Not bad for 14 bucks, huh?

Oh, and that white candlestick with the red candle?

I bought that for 99 cents and painted her all pretty too.

Here she was before....

Nothing wrong with it the way it is.  I just wanted it white.

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