Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So, today is my birthday.....

I don't *feel* like I'm 39

And how the heck did I end up being 39 anyway?


What the heck?

Yesterday, Sarah told me I wasn't allowed to have any more birthdays, because she didn't want me to get any older.....I think I have to agree.

When I was younger (like...30 and under), I always wondered why people, especially women, got upset when they got older.  Age - it's just a number, I'd say.

Then, I hit 35 and looked in the mirror after I had been smiling about something and saw those little (now bigger) laugh lines in the corners of my mouth .... I started freaking out. 

And have been doing it ever since!

I keep thinking I don't want to get old.

And working in a nursing facility, doesn't help.

Especially when you see them in wheelchairs and some of the aren't all there mentally speaking, know what I mean?

It really does a number on me.

And then I remember those people lived their lives.....hopefully, to the fullest.

And even though I've had some rough patches with my health recently, I'm doing ok now.

Life is pretty darn good and I don't have any major complaints.

So why the heck am I afraid of a number??

They say a person is only as young as they feel.

Some days, I *feel* pretty darn old....

but, other days I don't feel 39 at all.  I don't even feel 29 sometimes.

I still have alot of life to live

And hopefully, I have the best years yet to come.

So screw you - number 39!!

I'm happy and feel great.

So, Happy Birthday to me!

This is going to be my best year yet!

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Malia said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to your best year yet!

Malia @ One2One Network

Shell said...

Happy birthday!!!!

You are fabulous. :)

Kristy K said...

Happy Birthday Char!! You're not just getting older, you're getting better!

Ange said...

Visiting from PYHO to wish you a wonderful birthday!

Varda said...

Happy Birthday!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 38 this year and even though the number doesn't bother the wrinkles, the gray hair and the lack of elasticity in my skin does!!!

Rock this year!! Make it the best!

Deborah Stewart said...

Happy Birthday!

Eastlyn and co. said...

Happy Birthday, Charlene! Age really is just a number. As I walked with my child down the halls of the same high school I attended, I felt like it had only been a few years since I was there myself. Alas, I'm well past high school years and 20's and 30's, and life is still good--gray hairs, laugh lines and all!