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Creating Success Around the World - Cari and Cortnee from Two Sasters

I'm so excited to be cohosting this fun craft link party with other fun and crafty bloggers from around the world!! For the entire month of May, I will be featuring a special crafter from America and sharing that person and their crafts with the world....doesn't that sound fun? And with that,

Welcome to
Creating Success around the World
The worldwide blog hop tour, that introduces you to creative people from all corners of the globe.

Creating my way to Sucess

Every Wednesday our hosts on each continent will introduce some inspiring creativity from their corner of the world.
Here's the hosts. Click on the buttons to visit them and see who they are featuring this week:

Jill in Australasia
Jill in Australasia
Suzy in the Americas
Suzy in the Americas
Divya in Asia
DIvya in Asia
Larissa in Australasia
Larissa in Australasia
Charlene in the Americas
Charlene in the Americas

This week's featured USA guest/s are from New York. 

They are Two Sasters - Cari and Cortnee

Tell us about yourself?

We are two sisters; Cari and Cortnee, 14 months apart and aside from going away to college, once we moved out of Mom and Dad's, we haven't lived more than a few miles apart. We blog over at Two Sasters (www.twosasters.com) and have an Etsy Shop called CGCDesign. "Saster" is a term that was coined by us...it just sounds so much better then just plain old "sister"...but don't worry - it has the same meaning:)

What do you create?

Cute, custom creations for your little ones!

Why do you create?

I love dressing up my little girl (she is featured in most of our pictures), especially for holidays!!

For her first Thanksgiving I searched high and low for the perfect outfit but I couldn’t manage to find anything within my price range. The department stores don’t carry unique items and the specialty boutiques often charge an arm and a leg for an outfit she will likely only wear once. I asked my husband for an early Christmas present - my very own sewing machine. I used my mom’s when I had lived at home, but after I got married and moved out of the house, I needed my own. I wanted to work on my “new idea” for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit -after my daughter went to bed. I ended up making a turkey shirt for my daughter and about 4 other little girls too (other friends, and moms, who LOVED my “new idea” and wanted it for their little girls). Since then I have made many other cute shirts, dresses and skirts for my daughter and various other family/friends.

My sister was the one who came up with the idea to open up an Etsy shop. She isn’t as creative, but has awesome marketing, sales, and general business skills. She has done a great job at getting our name out there! Together we make a great team! Our goal is to provide unique items at an affordable price!

Do you sell your creations, if so how? 

Yes! We have an Etsy Shop – CGCDesign (www.cgcdesign.etsy.com)

What are your favorite materials to work with?

I’d have to say, my new favorite thing to work with is ribbon. I love creating bows. Hopefully, we will add more soon to our Etsy Shop!

When do you find time to create?

J This is a tough one. I LOVE doing it so it isn’t a chore, but to be honest, sometimes it is hard to squeeze in with all the other things that go on! Usually, it is later at night after my daughter goes to bed and sometimes during nap time on the weekends!

Any advice to share about getting started creating a business or etsy shop?

The hardest part for us was actually getting started. So my advice would be to not be afraid about taking the first step in opening up an Etsy shop or small business…go for it!

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Thank you Cari and Cortnee for your great answers and for sharing your beautiful work with us!!

If you would like to be featured in an interview - then please contact your continent's host! 
Now link up all your beautiful crafts....it's time to show off!!!

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