Friday, June 15, 2012

My 7th Week on Nutrisystem

I just finished my 7th week on Nutrisystem...and I am still loving the program!

To be honest, I did cheat just a bit....last Saturday, we had a family party to celebrate Anthony graduating high school.  I started out really well, ate my Nutrisystem breakfast and shake, even just ate some of the vegetables from the veggie tray...but then I ended up also eating 1/2 of a bbq ham sandwich on a regular bun.  I also ate some macaroni salad....but I did manage to limit myself to the 1/2 of sandwich and I only ate about a cup of the macaroni salad.  I also allowed myself some chips.  I counted out 10 sour cream and onion chips and ate those.  No more than 10.  I wasn't even tempted to go back and get more.  In the past I would have eaten until I was full and bloated.  And then beat myself up over all the junk I ate.  But I didn't do that this time.  Later, I ate a Nutrisystem dinner.  So, even though I "cheated" I really didn't eat that poorly.  I could have made worse choices, like cupcakes and such.

Being on the program I am learning how to eat properly again.

I still don't eat alot of junk food like I used to.  I still don't eat the cookies that I bake for my family.  Snacks for me now consist of air popped popcorn or sugar free jello.  I'm actually kind of amazed by my self-control and willpower.
In the back of my mind, I think I'd much rather be healthier, then eat those chips or cookies.  And I consider that progress.

With Nutrisystem, I am trying all kinds of new foods.  Sure there are some things I look at and think I'll never eat that, it looks gross or the name is weird.  Then I try it and find that I do like it.  I do find that there are some things that I don't really like and that's okay, because at least I tried them.  Some foods are a bit too spicy for me and some foods are so good I wish I ordered more.  One of the things I thought I wouldn't like was the Butternut Squash Ravioli....being married to an me ravioli means filled with cheese or meat, not squash.  But, I discovered that I really love it...It might just be one of my favorites.

Another thing I am learning is portion control....this is a big one for me!

Like I've said so many times, chips and cookies were my downfall.  I could have eaten a whole bag of chips myself in a day or two before.  And don't get me started on cookies...I'd bake them and eat them nonstop.  So, when I ordered a few different types of cookies I was surprised when I opened the pack and saw only one cookie.  Like, what the hell, one measley cookie is a serving...are you kidding me???

But, these cookies are so good, eating just one is like a major treat for me.

So, how did I do this week?

I lost a pound!


Sure I would have loved to lose more, but a pound is a pound and it's one more that I can kiss goodbye!

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  • 4/27/12 - 180 (starting weight)
  • 5/04/12 - 175 (week one)
  • 5/11/12 - 174 (week two)
  • 5/18/12 - 172 (week three)
  • 5/25/12 - 170 (week four)
  • 6/01/12 - 169 (week five)
  • 6/08/12 - 169 (week six)
  • 6/15/12 - 168 (week seven)

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