Friday, June 29, 2012

My 9th Week on Nutrisystem

I just finished up my 9th week on Nutrisystem....I didn't lose anything this week, but I didn't gain anything either.  So, while I'm not thrilled with staying the same weight, I am happy that I didn't gain anything.  I think the problem was the fact that I didn't exercise.  This heat is wicked and it's way to hot for me to walk outside, especially with my asthma.  Every time I stepped outside I felt like the wind was knocked out of me, so I just didn't, unless I had to go somewhere.  I did however hang clothes up outside, so while I didn't "exercise" I did stay somewhat active by lugging baskets of heavy, wet clothes in and out and up and down stairs.

With this heat wave, I'm totally loving Nutrisystem's pizza dinners for those nights when I don't feel like cooking.  And when the kids are eating pb&j sandwiches for lunch, I can enjoy eating a tuna or chicken salad yummy!

I've been asked how I plan to "maintain" the weight loss when I'm done with the program.  To be honest, I don't know and I'm a bit scared...but I'm not really worried about it just yet.  The good thing about this program is that I'm learning healthy eating habits.  When I'm hungry now, I don't just reach for a bag of chips and a candy bar.  I drink some water and eat a healthy snack, like a piece of string cheese or a hard boiled egg.

I'm also learning that I have some amazing willpower skills, that I never knew existed before and that's an awesome thing.  My family doesn't have to go without special treats because I can't control myself anymore...because I now know that I can make cookies and cupcakes and not be tempted to eat them.  I can set a bowl of chips out with hotdogs for lunch and not dig into the bowl.

I'm actually kind of proud of myself.  I've never gone this long without cheating and eating crappy foods.  I've never gone this long recording everything I eat.  I'm not thinking of this as a quick fix way to lose weight.  I'm thinking long term and soaking up all the knowledge that I can about food and exercise.

I really enjoy being able to play with my kids and not feel out of breath or need a break.  And I'm happy.  I feel good about myself again.  It's awesome having so many people believing in you and cheering you on....and that's what you get with Nutrisystem...a whole group of people cheering you on every step of the way.  The support system they provide is amazing.

  • 4/27/12 - 180 (starting weight)
  • 5/04/12 - 175 (week one)
  • 5/11/12 - 174 (week two)
  • 5/18/12 - 172 (week three)
  • 5/25/12 - 170 (week four)
  • 6/01/12 - 169 (week five)
  • 6/08/12 - 169 (week six)
  • 6/15/12 - 168 (week seven)
  • 6/22/12 - 166 (week eight)
  • 6/29/12 - 166 (week nine)

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