Monday, June 18, 2012

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Nathan made this pretty butterfly today.

During the last week or so of school, Nathan brought home some of his art projects.  One of them was this tissue paper caterpillar. 

I thought it was really cute and it was something that we could use as inspiration for another craft.....a butterfly.

I took a manila folder and cut out a butterfly shape.

We glued some antenna to the body of the butterfly

The other supplies we used were glue, a paintbrush and some tissue paper squares.

Nathan brushed glue all over the surface of the butterfly

Then glued the tissue paper to the butterfly

After the butterfly is covered with paper, Nathan brushed a mixture of glue and water over the whole thing.

Then Nathan went to his ball game while it dried...

When we got home he used a brown marker and colored the antenna and drew a face on the body of the butterfly.

"Mommy, I'm so glad it's summer so we can make crafts and cookies every day." 

Me too, buddy, me too!

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