Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Toys and Dishes and Clothes - Oh My!!

So I decided to get the kids to help me clean up downstairs (toy/storageroom, familyroom, laundryroom and garage) today.

What a mess!! There is so much stuff thrown in boxes. I guess when I told them they needed to clean up the mess, their solution was to cram everything in storage boxes and close the lid. I found 3 cups, a plate, some silverware, a baby bottle, dirty clothes (that didn't make all the way to the laundry room), toys, a piece of cheese and bits of cereal all in one box. And there are about 20 boxes, maybe more down there, all filled up like that. Oy!!

Now you ask why I make them clean up the family room and toy room. Well, because they are old enough to know better than to make a huge mess and smart enough to know that if they make a big mess that they are gonna have to clean it up! Rich (my hubby) and I both grew up doing chores. A friend of mine, didn't have to do any chores and when she moved out on her own, she had a hard time adjusting to doing everything herself. So Rich and I are trying to teach the children life lessons. They need to know that there aren't little blue fairies who clean up the house when they go to bed, ya know?!

So the kids and I have been decluttering, tossing and organizing all the toys, clothes and various other crap that has accumulated downstairs. I have bagged up two trash bags to throw out and five bags of stuff to give away (I don't have time for yardsales, plus I'd rather just get rid of it then and now rather than have it pile up). And we're still not done!!

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