Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Wedding

Today, my younger brother got married. It seems so strange to me! The wedding was beautiful, so was the bride. My brother was looking handsome. Nicholas was the ring bearer and of course, he looked adorable!! I can't wait to see the pictures.

My sister told me today that sometime soon, we are all going to have our picture taken (that's 8 from my bunch, 4 from my sister, 2 from younger brother and 3 from other brother ~ 17 people total) as a Christmas present to our mom. That will be nice! I'd like to have a picture of it as well. So I'm off to lose more weight to look nice in the picture, I'd hate to be the fat one.

It's funny how at weddings, family you haven't seen in ages come out of the woodwork. My aunt and uncle who I haven't seen since my other brother's wedding (6 years ago) came today. We don't see them much, since my dad died. There was a rift between my mom and uncle (my dad's brother), and we hardly ever see them. I guess except for weddings and funerals. Sad, really. I wonder why some families are like that.


The reception was fun. Jimmy (my brother) took about 5 minutes trying to take the garter off. He kept lifting up her dress and diving in, it was hilarious. Rich (my hubby) had the DJ play our song (at every wedding including ours, he requests When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge). I think the reception was nice, everyone seemed to have fun. The wedding itself was beautiful.

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