Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Laundry for a family of eight

This is what laundry for eight people looks like (three days worth - about ten baskets, and a pile of blankets)

A basket of just socks that needs folded

There is something wrong with both of my dryers. One is making this God awful squealing sound when it's running. I stopped using it because I couldn't stand listening to that screeching. I was using the other one, but that one was doing the job of two washers. It started to act all funny too. It wasn't drying the clothes properly. After burning through about 5 or 6 dryers since I've been married, Rich bought the extended warranty for this new one. I called Lowe's because I was going crazy trying to keep up with all this laundry. The man came out and looked at it, turns out it was backed up with lint.

It's a miracle the house didn't burn down with all that lint in there. The man said that Rich would have to clean it all out. So Rich took it apart and guess what it's still sitting there, unusable. He never was like this before. When he started a project, he wouldn't stop until it was complete. But anymore, it just hard on his back to do too much at a time, so now we have all these half started projects all over the house. LOL! Never thought I'd be one of those wives with their house full of half done projects. But I am.

I had about three days worth of laundry to do and thought I would just wash them at home, just about the same thing as a laundry mat with two washers anyway. And then go to the laundry mat to dry all the clothes. As I was washing clothes at home, I had Amanda stay at the laundry mat to use the dryers. We had a pretty good system going. After about two trips back and forth to the laundry mat, I thought I was done, but when I got back there was a whole bunch more clothes in the laundry room. The kids decided to just throw everything they had in the laundry, so I had more clothes to wash.

Keep in mind, this was just 3 days worth of things. I ended up making about 6 six trips to the laundry mat, and used about $12 worth to dry everything. It's been three days and I still don't have my dryer to use. I really hope he gets it cleaned out, so I can use it, I don't want to have to go through the whole laundry mat thing again. But one more day and it's going to be out of hand.

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Sheri said...

OMG Char! I though laundry for 5 was bad!!! I think you're awesome and a queen for all you do!!!!!!!!