Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sarah's Super Sleuthing

This summer, the big boys (Anthony and Zachary) have started mowing grass for our elderly neighbor, who recently lost her husband. Anthony has been cutting grass for our family for years and this year our neighbor offered to pay Anthony to do her grass too.

Rich talked it over with Anthony and told him that he didn't want him to accept any money from her. Growing up with a single mom (his dad died when he was 9), he decided years ago that as a service to God he wouldn't take money from widows or orphans. That he would do things to help them instead. Rich explained this to Anthony, who got a little disappointed at first, until Rich told him he would pay him for the work he did for Mrs. Smith.

Once a week, Anthony and Zachary cut our grass and then head over to Mrs. Smith's to do hers. And every week, Mrs. Smith tries to give the boys money. They politely tell her to keep it and head back home. On allowance day Rich hands out extra to the two boys for their hard work. It's a system that's been working out so far this summer.

It makes me proud that the boys are turning down her money because they are learning that we are to help our elderly folks - I think Grandma Juliani is smiling down from heaven as she watches over her boys as well. How many kids wouldn't be tempted to take her money and then turn around and take the extra allowance money too?

At any rate, I asked Sarah to sneak a few pics of the boys hard at work. And she literally took the "sneak" word to are the pictures she snapped from her hiding place. Do you think they saw her?!


Susanne said...

aw, how awesome of all three of em!

Charlene Juliani said...

Thanks :)