Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Doing Laundry

10. Folding Fitted Sheets {those suckers annoy me endlessly. I usually start out trying to fold them, but I end up just rolling them up and tossing them on the shelf}

9. Folded up socks {that need to be unfolded before washing them}

8. Rolled over socks {you know the kind where somebody - usually the boys - roll the sock down their foot when they take them's the biggest pain in the you know what to unroll them just so they can be washed}

7. Finding clean folded clothes mixed in with the dirty ones {this is a boy thing too and it makes me so freakin' mad - we're talking finding hangers still attached to shirts here}

6. Ironing shirts and pants {enough said...remind me to post a pic of my ironing pile later}

5. Stains that no matter how many times you pretreat, don't come out

4. Putting clean clothes away {at least getting the kids to put their clean clothes away - I should definitely get extra credit for me!}

3. Having to do laundry for a family of eight {it's an all day...everyday....never ending...thankless job, but somebody's gotta do it}

2. Going through pockets to add to my collection of rocks, sticks, matchbox cars, marbles, crayons and anything else they shove in their pockets {Boys are good for this one as well}

1. Finding clothes that went through the dryer that now have crayon melted all over them, that you find after forgetting to go through the pockets {which of course is the whole reason leading up to this post....this time it was a pretty shade of blue...and yep, I'm still wearing the underwear with green melted on crayon that wouldn't come out last time....thanks}

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Patty Baer said...

That made me laugh!