Monday, April 26, 2010

My Thrift Store Finds

My new favorite hobby is rummaging through thrift stores.  I have no idea how it started, but I'm addicted to it now.  I only go to look at glassware or old decorations, like candle sticks that just need sprucing up.  The other day I bought an old and I'll admit ugly candle stick.  The shape of it was really cool, but it was this nasty ugly gold color.  I bought it for a buck and brought it home.  Rich is going to spray paint it white for me.  And I think it will look great once it's done. 

Today I bought these glass canisters and a pretty glass bowl, all for $2.34.  Can't beat that.  I had three people in the store tell me that the bowl was pretty.  One lady even followed me around for a while, I'm thinking she was waiting for me to put it down or something LOL! I think it will make a great dessert bowl or something like that.  Tell me what you think......Good finds ?

These are going on top of the fridge.


Emmy said...

Oh I want to go to a thrift store too, but I don't dare go with my kids :(

Maureen said...

That's a gem! I miss going to thrift store :(

Happy SITS Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Stopping from SITS! What great jars. They will have a thousand uses.