Thursday, April 29, 2010

Note To Self:

Next time you think you have a sinus infection and you go to the doctor and he confirms it.  And he prescribes you an antibiotic......Take It!

Last week I suspected that I had a sinus infection (I had the usual signs: sinus pressure, runny/stuffy nose, watery/dry eyes, sinus pain and headache).  I scheduled a doctor visit and then I felt better.  I told Rich to make me go (I needed my inhalor refilled anyway), sometimes I need a little push when it comes to doctor and dentist appointments for myself.  I went to the doctor and told him my symptoms.  He prescribed a z-pack (I LOVE those).  I went home and set the script down and didn't get it filled, because I felt better by then.  A few days ago, my mouth started to hurt - really bad.  But I didn't really think anything of it.  That same night, my mouth hurt so bad I literally curled up in a ball and cried.  I couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with me. 

Yesterday, when I stood up, I got light headed and dizzy and my stomach was hurting (probably from taking tylenol and advil on an empty stomach).  I chalked it up to other things and I slept off and on all day long.  Last night, I was in agony again....only this time, not only did my mouth hurt, but my ear was throbbing too. 

Great, that darn sinus infection that I thought had gone away, worked it's way to my ear and was so bad it was making the entire right side of my face throb in pain.  Stupid, stupid stupid!!!! So, guess what I did first thing this morning - Filled that stupid prescription - that's what. 

Why the heck do I do this crap to myself? If if were one of the kids, I would have taken care of it right away.  But me? Oh no - I have to have this I'm fine, everything's great attitude.  Ahhh, one day I'll learn! Hopefully sooner than later!


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I hope you feel better soon! I am the same way. For the kids, I drop off the prescription on the way home. For me, I wait until I am practically dying and then get it filled.

Angelica said...

I run to the pharmacy, I get sinus infections all the time so I know how awful they can be! Feel better!

Mellie said...

Feel better! I do the same thing. Sick kids go straight to the doctor. Sick Mommy usually waits it out.

Sienna said...

I do the same thing... There is an award for you on my blog.