Thursday, July 08, 2010

And they thought I was kidding....

I was driving to the store tonight with Nicholas and Nathan in the back seat of Rich's car.  

I gave them gum. 

Rich doesn't like for the kids to eat in his car.  He's a neat freak and doesn't want his car to get messy.  In other words he doesn't want his car to look like my "momobile" with garbage all over the floor, week old half eaten sandwiches on the seats, jackets, baseballs, bats, baseball gloves scattered about and various junk spilling out of the cup holders, and matchbox cars rolling on the floor and candy sticking to the seats and "freeloader" teddy bears hitchhiking rides.  So when I gave the boys gum I said:

No throwing the gum on the floor.
No taking the gum out of your mouths and playing with it.
No swallowing the gum and then asking for more
And no putting the gum in each other's hair

To which I heard giggling galore from the backseat.  They thought I was kidding when I said no gum in each other's hair, apparently.

Funny, cause they don't have memories of having their long hair getting cut off short, because their big sister got gum in their hair.....Yeah, gum is fun, until you can't get it out of your hair.

They probably don't remember (actually neither of them were born when it happened to Sarah and her big sister did it to her too.  Then again, maybe it's just a girly, sisterly thing to do...Eh? At any rate, it sure was fun listening to their giggling, even though I wasn't really kidding......


CynthiaK said...

So...did any gum end up in hair? Or in Daddy's car?

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Man, you just reminded me I meant to vacuum my mom-mobile last night. Sigh.

Jersey Diva Mom said...

Everytime we go somewhere and take my car, the hubs comments that it needs to be cleaned. I have offered to use his on any given day so he can take it. Meanwhile, you get in his and it's sterile as an evidence room.

Jackie said...

haha, I could see my son laughing if I said that too.

What is it with guys and their cars anyway? Ugh, my husband is the same way. I can't stand having him in MY car because he just complains about how messy it is the whole time.

Sandra said...

That's funny, you and I must be married to the same man!