Friday, July 09, 2010

Feathers and Houses (Art Project + Story Time)

This week was all about birds.....Grumpy Birds and Bird Houses. We read two stories today and made two projects. The first book we read was A House For Birdie by Stuart J. Murphy.

This was a cute book that is meant to teach kids math (capacity).  Birdie doesn't have a house and gets cold and wet when it rains.  Her friends try to help her find a house.  All the houses that they find are perfect for their sizes, except Birdie still ends up without a home to call her own. So, her friends seeing her in the rain and wind without shelter, decide to help build a house for Birdie - that ends up being the perfect size for her.


I found some bird houses at Michael's that were 4.99 each.  So I let Nicholas and Nathan each pick out their own house to paint.  I got out lots of paint for them to use and let them do their own thing.  Sometimes, it's hard not to jump in and take over help...but it's good for the kids to be creative and just do things on their own, you know.   

Nathan's psychedelic barn bird house is pure awesomeness and Nicholas' sweet little town house bird house is bright and adorable.  And of course, we just love making more work for Daddy, since he now has to find a way to hang them up Tee Hee!

The second book we read was Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard.  Bird is grumpy and just wants to be left alone.  His friends just don't seem to understand that and they follow him around and do everything he does until he starts to think how funny it all is and he isn't grumpy anymore.  

I asked Amanda to draw some birds that the boys could use to glue feathers to.  She did such a great job, didn't she? And the boys had fun gluing feathers to their birds.  

I'm linking up to stART through A Mommy's Adventures.....check it out for more great stories plus art! 


Anonymous said...

Oh what lovely bird houses and feather projects! The boys looked like they had fun!!

Will have to check out those books too, too cute!

Maggy x

Aleksandra Nearing said...

What fun projects! I love the pictures :) Thanks for posting!

Jenny said...

Tell them I said they did a great job! And your daughter is always quite the artist. I love those MathStart books; I haven't seen that one, though.

Unknown said...

Those are so cute! You are very creative!

Following back from FMBT, thanks for the support!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Those projects are priceless, and I really love the birds Amanda drew. How neat to have such a good and creative big sister. I am adding both books to our reading list.

Emmy said...

So cute! My kids would love painting those bird houses.

shelley c. said...

I love your stART projects! And I love the Grumpy Bird book!! :)