Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Day....

Today is such a busy day...

*It's the kick off of week 3 of my new linky party...which I think is doing remarkably well, considering it's still a baby. 

I'm really proud of it.

Come join us by linking your children's activities and crafts!!

*This is also the last day to enter my apron giveaway

It really is cute

and I hope whoever wins it will enjoy it.

It's also Sarah and Zachary's 14th birthday - Yippee!

Which means I'll be busy baking some cupcakes later.

I'm so busy, in fact, that I'm guest posting on Danielle's blog - Blissful and Domestic!!!!

Go check out the cute little ghostly garland that I'm sharing with everyone!

And since everyone LOVES baby pics, especially when they come in two's. 

Here's a few for you...

These two were true little miracles.

I almost lost them at 3 months

Was put on bedrest

Went into premature labor at 29 1/2 weeks.

Was life-flighted to a major hospital (an hour from my home)

Spent 2 1/2 weeks on hospital bedrest, away from my toddlers (Amanda and Anthony)

Was poked, prodded and bruised for weeks.

And at 32 weeks.....

Guess who decided they were ready to join the world?

Happy 14th Birthday Sarah Michelle and Zachary Michael!!

It's been quite an adventure...with double the fun, messes, love and joy...and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Love, Mom

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Helene said...

Happy birthday to your babies!!! I don't think I knew how difficult your pregnancy was and that you delivered at 32 weeks! That's when Cole and Bella were born, too!

Isn't hard to believe that they started out as such fragile little preemies and to look at them now, you'd never know it!

I'm gonna try to link up with your craft linkie maybe tomorrow! I've done some really cute Halloween crafts with the kids these last couple of weeks (thanks to that site!)