Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Moms That Blog (The Interviews)

Introducing......Emmy - She's a coupon savvy, swing dancing, fun loving mother of three, who recently started her own photography business.  And that's what makes her a great Mom That Blogs

Tell us a bit about yourself.......I am a Midwest born and raised now transported and converted California girl-or well at least anywhere warm, my blood has gotten thin! I am a SAHM/part time pro-photographer. I have been married to my incredibly tall husband-not kidding he is 6'8"- for almost ten years now. We have three wonderful or crazy (depending on the day you ask me) children.

Name three fast fun facts about you....

1) -I lived in the same house growing up but since graduating high school I have lived in 5 different cities, 8 different homes and 4 different states.

2) - I recently, last October, started my own photography business. Sometimes I think I am insane for trying to do this at this stage in my life but then I get out and shoot and love it.

3) I really enjoy reading but try not to do it too often as if I get lost in a good book-well I am going to be lost until it is done. -

When did you first start blogging.......I started blogging almost 2 1/2 years ago now. I started because-said in a snotty teenage voice-everybody's doing it! I kid! Sort of. My SIL started a blog for a place to share pictures, share what was happening with her kids and I thought, hey that would be fun. I had no clue as to what the blogging world was like at that point and how many bloggers there are.

What is your blog about.......My blog is about me... and my kids... and my family... and my photography. Basically it has a little bit of everything. I will tell about the crazy things my kids do, the crazy things I do, and hopefully throw in some useful things too-like my Coupon 101 lessons or my Fix it For Me Wednesday's where readers can submit a picture for me to edit that I do on my photography blog. A few other reader favorites are my Time For Tot's Days, and my monthly meme of Ten Things to Smile About.

Why do you blog........I blog for the connections, the community behind it and just for the pure pleasure of writing. I also blog to have some sort of record of my life as I am horrible at keeping a journal. And I blog because I get addicted to things really easily and once I start, it is hard to stop.

Must read blogs that you visit daily.......I really do have so, so many blogs I love and try and read anyone's blogs who comment on mine. But on those days where I only have ten minutes to read, my must reads are:

CA Girl-one because I like her blog and two because she is family.

Rachel Tulip- My SIL who got me started on blogging

MiMi Living in France- she is hilarious and we're now FB friends-eek!

Cheeseboy Blog o Cheese- Yes a boy, well man--he is a first grade teacher who writes the funniest blog ever

Shell's Things I can't Say- She is way popular but still throws a stick to us little guys

Kmama of the Daily Dribbles- Maybe it's because she was in band like me

Burried With Children-Not only does Jen have triplets but she is such a great writer and I love reading everything she writes

What inspires you...........My knowledge of who I am and what this life is all about. It really drives me in everything I do, my blogging, my photography, my role as a mother. Without this knowledge and my beliefs I don't know who I would be or why I would keep going.

If you had a bucket list, what would be on it........I don't know if I really have a bucket list per se-but there are things that would be really cool, like I really want to go on a cruise someday- my ten year anniversary is coming up-hint hint to my hubby! Somedays I dream of being a super famous photographer but then I see my kids and feel that they are the most important thing. Really ultimately all I need is a loving good husband, a big beautiful home and happy successful faithful children.... Oh and the 24-70 L series Lens that I want.

Do you have any blogging advice that you would like to share........Figure out why you are blogging. Don't just try and copy other bloggers out there or write what you think others want to read as if you do you will lose yourself and get burned out really fast. Also never leave a comment on someone's blog saying something like "Hi nice post, come read my blog at www....." Even though I always try and visit everyone's blog who leaves a comment for me I might just ignore you.

You can read more about Emmy by reading her blog at Emmy Mom--One Day At A Time.

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