Sunday, March 06, 2011

my kitchen so far.....

Here some "Before" pics (keep in mind these pics are five years old, but it pretty much looked the same until we started redecorating).

Everything was dark

Appliances were old and white

Light fixtures were fugly

Old vinyl vertical blinds

Here are some "During" pics.....We still have ALOT of work to do (new counters, prime and paint, wainscotting, chair rail, floor trim, etc, etc.)  But it's getting there....slowly but surely

The bottom wallpaper (green and white stripes) is going to be covered with board bead wainscotting and the chair rail will go back up.  The upper part of the wall will be painted gray...Pebble Gray (a medium - light gray color)

The patio doors will be painted white too.  You can see that I still have alittle bit of wallpaper here and there to scrape off.  It's alot of work.  But it's getting there (like I said - slowly but surely hahah).

But you can see a huge difference so far, can't you?

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