Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fun Happenings.....

Some really cool things have been happening for my blog lately. 

First, Helene asked if she could use this little fish craft that I made with Nathan on the Stockton Macaroni Kids Newletter that she writes with her friends.  I said sure, why not? Little did I know the exposure I was going to get from it. 

Next, I get my new sewing machine that I ordered from CSN stores for doing a review for them and on the very same day, I get a shipment of books from Tiger Tales to review as well (Awesome)!  My twitter has been gaining followers and my email has been flooded with offers to do even more reviews and such.  You guys are going to keep me very busy while I'm recovering from surgery, aren't you lol!

Then, last night I heard from Laurie Turk - yes, the Laurie Turk from Tip Junkie {{insert squealing like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert here}} that she was going to feature one of my crafts on her blog this morning.  This is the second time I'm being featured on her blog.  Do you know how many people submit stuff to her in hopes of her posting it on her blog?!  And she picked me....twice!!

The first time she featured my little piratey adventure that I did with my boys last summer.  This time she's featuring our train craft...the one that we made using toilet paper rolls.  Yeah, that one, along with 37 other fun kid's boredom busters for spring.  We are number 16 on the list....Check it out!!  There are so many fun ideas, that I can't wait to try with my boys.  Lots of rainy day activities, perfect for spring break. 

Please, Stick around and Keep reading! Check out our other fun kids crafts in the Arts and Crafts for Kids and the Kids Books and Themes sections.  Also if you would like to be featured as a Mom That Blogs, contact me at for all the details.  I'm also looking for some guest posters to possibly feature while I'm recovering from surgery in the next week or so....Hit me up, if you're interested.  I would love to hear from you!
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