Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Little Morning Adventure

It all started when Rich woke me up in time to finish getting Nicholas, Sarah and Zachary out the door to catch the bus. Amanda and Anthony already got up, dressed and caught their bus by themselves, they've been doing it for years. And Nathan was sleeping.

So, I wake up to find Zach helping Nicholas tie his shoes.....I should have known something was going to happen based on that, because those two fight like cats and dogs every morning. We're talking about throwing punches here.

While Zach and Nick were finishing, I braided Sarah's hair. Then, I gave Nicholas his little surprise (a Lunchable, which he's been begging for for years, but he's been doing so well with his reading homework, that I caved and bought one....). He was so thrilled.

I told them to get their backpacks and coats. And as they were putting their stuff together, the bus went down the road. By this time Nathan woke up. I was going to have to take the kids to school and now Nathan was going with us, because he didn't want to stay with Rich. I asked Zach to take the car seat out of Rich's car and put it in my van. While he ran out to do that, I had Sarah get Nathan dressed and ready. I ran off to throw some clothes on. Most of the time I don't care...and if they miss the bus, I just ran them to school while wearing my slippers and jammies. But today I wanted to grab a coffee, so I had to get dressed.

By the time we all got ready and ran outside, we had five minutes to get to the school before they were late. All the kids piled in, I buckled Nathan in his car seat. I climbed in behind the steering wheel and went to start the car and couldn't. The damn battery died. That has only happened twice before. Great!

I tell everybody to jump out and get in dad's car. I told Zach to run in and get Rich's car keys and I proceeded to take Nathan still strapped in his car seat and put him in the other car. Ten pound car seat plus and thirty pound kid - was heavy!

I finally managed to get all the kids to school 15 minutes late. And I really needed that coffee after all that. So I got my coffee and Nathan got his doughnut and we were both happy campers for the rest of the morning. See, I told you I should have taken Zachary and Nicholas working together as a bad sign, didn't I?

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~B. said...

Oh, that totally sucks. Glad you got the coffee. :) And the lunchable offering is soooo cute. :)