Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Teenagers - Anyone want some?


Whose idea was it to give them hormones and attitudes. Forget the acne and the greasy hair, its the attitudes and hormones that you need to worry about.

For over a year now, Amanda has gone into my bedroom and used things she shouldn't be using (almost a whole jar of Oil of Olay and $100 bottle of perfume), gotten into things she shouldn't be getting into (my jewelry box), and taken things that "belong" to her that I took off of her (like her cell phone, ipod and laptop), because she was being a brat.

The lack of respect is what is so aggravating to me!

In the first place, I never would of thought about doing that to my mother (my sister yeah - confession time: her Trixie Belden books, her 8 track player and sometimes, very rarely her make-up....DON'T KILL ME JODI hahahaha!!), but not my mother!

In the second place, what gives her the right to rifle through my things?

And lastly is the fact that I don't ask for much. Seriously, I don't. Rich just buys me things because he thinks I should have them.

Here is an example of a conversation we had that led him to buy the said $100 perfume:

Me to him: You smell yummy!
Him: Yummy?
Me: you know - good
Him: Oh, thanks!
Me: I want to smell yummy too (I generally just use soap, sometimes lotion is a luxury).
Him: why don't you buy yourself some perfume or something, if you want.
Me: No, I cant' do that. I don't want to spend money on something like that.
Him: Why?
Me: I don't know....

On my birthday last year, guess what my present was? Perfume. And not some crappy stuff you get at Walmart either. It was a bottle of Chanel Allure. Yeah, I was shocked too.

So I think that's what bothers me most about the whole thing with Amanda using my things. It's not so much the cost of it, it's the thought behind it. He really went out of his way to buy me something nice, something I never really even asked for. And then it gets wasted. And I feel horrible!

Does that seem so unreasonable?

And one more thing.....

What's the big deal about having a boyfriend? I had an inkling there was one, but she never told us about it. I found out yesterday in passing from Terri and then act like I knew. Because really, I didn't want to look or feel like an idiot for not knowing that my 15 year old daughter was dating a college freshman!!

So again, I ask....Anyone want some teenagers?

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TxGambit said...

I can only nod my head along in agreement and bewilderment.... because I am so there.

Talking to them, grounding them, everything besides beating (which I have threatened but not tried.... yet. :) ) doesn't work. It is just more attitude and then they just do what they want to anyway.

I would have never, ever... never, ever! taken anything of my mom's.

K was "dating" a guy ONLINE! recently. We talked about it and I didn't overreact but we talked and talked and talked. She got over it fast but OMG! it was just the first. Thankfully this guy was in fact a kid her age but damn, what about next time?