Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~School Days~

Another year of new beginnings....This picture seems so weird without Amanda. 

Zachary (8th grade), Nathan (1st grade), Sarah (8th grade), Nicholas (4th grade) and Anthony (Senior Year)

For years...I've been getting up early on the first day of school, mixing up a batch of pancakes (blueberry, chocolate chip, banana - whatever kind the kids want).

Since Amanda first started school, I made it a point to drive to school and walk the kids to their classrooms the first day of school.  During the high school years, there has been mixed reactions to year they want me to drive (just drop off) and the next they don't...This year, Anthony actually asked me if I was going to drive them to school.

Yep, sometimes traditions never get old.

 Nicholas with his teacher, Mrs. Schifko

Nathan with his teacher, Mrs. May

This picture looks much better and happier than the one from last year or the year before that (when he was four and thought he should be able to go to school too).

And of course, what's a first day of school tradition without a sweet afterschool treat.

Traditions....Wonder what traditions my children will pass down to theirs?


Emmy said...

I am sure so many traditions as you do so many amazing things with your kids. Glad they all had a great first day

Kisma said...

I love it! Here's to a great year!