Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kids Art Display

It seems like I get asked this all the time...

"What do you do with all the kids art projects when they are done?"

Well....first, I hang them up on the wall.  If there is a series of art like salt paintings or puffy painted ice cream cones I hang them on a line across the wall in the kitchen.  Why the kitchen? Because that is mostly where we hang out and also where we usually do all our crafting.  The pictures will hang there until we do another big project or I get tired of looking at them.  Secondly, if it's just one project like the penguin craft or the fish bowl craft, I tape them to the wall....again until we do something else or I get tired of looking at them. 

 Naturally, with six children I can't keep everything, otherwise my house would look like something off that "Hoarders: Buried Alive" TV show.  So, I try not to go overboard with saving every piece of paper they did.  I have Rubbermaid boxes in the garage where I store my keepsakes.  I just went through a few boxes the other day while working on this project and loved looking back at all those sweet, tender memories.

In my effort to display some of the kids special arts and crafts in a more "permanent" setting,  I searched the internet for fun and cute ways to display their things.  I really wanted something more "gallery" like --- I love looking at their art and I love remembering when we did them or if it was something they did at school, I want to keep it special too. 

At first, I was going to just use random picture frames I had around the house and went about spray painting them....but I didn't love it when I saw how they looked all together.  Even though they were all uniform in color, it just didn't "look" right to me.  So, I went to my trusty Dollar Tree store and bought some frames there.  I couldn't find any white ones (which is the color that I wanted), but I figured what the heck...that's what paint is for.  I bought the frames, made a quick trip to WalMart for paint and started painting the minute I walked in the front door.

The frames and paint cost about $15 total and I think it looks great.  There is space above to hang another line if I wanted and space on the sides for bigger projects.   And the best part of all is, if I get tired of looking at them, I can always switch the paintings, drawings and crafts for new ones and keep right on creating those precious memories for our family to enjoy.


Kristy K said...

Looks great Char!

Emmy said...

Totally cute! The frames look great!

KDC Events said...

I take photos and make a photo book every year =) I like the frame ideas too! Visiting from SITS today =)

Helene said...

I totally LOVE it, Charlene!!! And you know what, I love it so much that I'm going to start doing that too!! The kids always bring home so much art work and most of it I save but some has to get thrown away. I'd love to be able to display some of their favorites on a wall in our home so they can see how much I do appreciate it!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Wow...I love this! The artwork looks so cool as a collection!