Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nathan's Nature Painting

A friend of mine at school was telling me about one of her art classes.  Her teacher wanted the class to go out into nature and find things that they could paint with such as a rock attached to a stick and then paint a picture with it.
I thought it sounded like a pretty cool idea, so Nathan and I set off on a little nature walk of our own this afternoon.  We collected sticks, leaves, ferns, some kind of nut (walnut maybe, I don't know) some bark, weeds, pinecones and more.
Then we used the different implements and painted some pretty awesome pictures.
One of my favorites was the pine needle effect!

the fern was a fun one too!

Also the "queen anne's lace" made a cool design too!

Another one we liked was the pinecone.

Definitely a fun project and it reminded us of the time we used fruit and veggies as stencil stamps too.
What are some fun and different things that you like to use to paint with?

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