Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nuts to You!

In celebration of fall, Nathan and I read the book Nuts to You! by Lois Ehlert.
Nuts to You! is a cute rhyming story about a squirrel who likes to hide and climb and eat nuts and seeds.  The sneaky squirrel gets inside a child's house through a hole in their screen and the child tricks the squirrel back outside with nuts.  It's a cute little story that was actually inspired by an experience that the author had with a squirrel in her own neighborhood.
We went for a walk one evening and as we were walking we saw acorns in a we picked some, hopefully we didn't make any squirrels mad at us for stealing their food :)
We shoved them in my jacket pocket where they stayed for a week...I kept forgetting they were in there.  You should have seen the faces on the people sitting next to me in class when I pulled them out of my pocket as I was digging in there for a pen Ha!
I finally took them out and we did a little art project using them as inspiration.
I cut out some acorn shapes using white paper.  We also used glue, cinnamon and oats.
Nathan brushed glue all over the acorn and then sprinkled (more like dumped) cinnamon on the bottom part of the acorn and oats on the top part.

He also painted a squirrel picture.
We chose the perfect fallish day for this project and as we were doing this craft we saw a little squirrel sitting on the bench on our porch.  Hope it wasn't the same squirrel who's nuts we stole ;)


Jolene said...

I love this project...when Taj gets a little older it will be definitely one he will do at Grandma's house.

I left you a little something on my blog today.

Ashley said...

I bet it smelled yummy!