Friday, November 02, 2012

Nutrisystem (#27)

twenty seven weeks
this past weekend my family and I traveled to Georgia for a family wedding.
I started out really well.
I was drinking my water
Choosing salads at restaurants
I took my Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide and some meals (like snacks, breakfast bars, shakes).
Somewhere along the line, I got a little screwed up...
I stopped drinking as much water, I ate 2 slices of pizza that we ordered late one night, I ate sandwiches, baked chips, even some fries.
And I paid for stomach hurt for days when we returned.
Not only that, but I had a hard time getting back into my Nutrisystem routine.  I even broke down and ate some cookies and a candy bar.  I was miserable.
Not only from the poor food choices (hey, my body isn't used to eating junk food anymore), but also from the guilt of letting myself get so out of control.
As I was sitting in our living room late one night studying getting ready to eat yet another candy bar, Rich walked into the room.  He asked me what I was doing and I told him all about how I was feeling out of control and didn't like it and was afraid that I would never get back on track and I probably gained 5 pounds in a week.  He grabbed the candy bar out of my hand mid bite and said well, this certainly isn't going to help and walked off with my candy.
At first I was mad at him.
then I realized that he was only doing it for my own good.
Later, when I talked to him about it.  He said just think of it this way...instead of beating yourself up for getting off track for one little weekend and getting out of control....just hop back on that proverbial bike and start peddaling again.
His little peptalk was all I needed.
Since then I have gotten slowly back on track.  I may have gotten off it a bit, but that's life.  and it's all about learning how to balance.  I learned a big lesson this weekend.
I learned that it's okay to get off track a bit here and there, as long as you get back on when you are done.
With all that said, I was still majorly scared when I stepped on the scale this morning.
All that anxiety and worry was for nothing...because I not only didn't gain anything
I lost a pound.
I learned 2 things during this week.
#1 eating a handful of chips or a cookie once in a while isn't going to hurt me, as long as I do it in moderation.
#2 I'm not ready to go it alone, I still need Nutrisystem to help me succeed in my weight loss.
My family and support system are awesome, but I need the diet plan to follow and keep me on track (at least until I reach my goal...or get close enough to it).
 (152 pounds  and rockin' the size 10's and medium tops)

My Stats
  • 04/27/12 - 180 (starting weight)
  • 05/04/12 - 175 (week one)
  • 05/11/12 - 174 (week two)
  • 05/18/12 - 172 (week three)
  • 05/25/12 - 170 (week four)
  • 06/01/12 - 169 (week five)
  • 06/08/12 - 169 (week six)
  • 06/15/12 - 168 (week seven)
  • 06/22/12 - 166 (week eight)
  • 06/29/12 - 166 (week nine)
  • 07/06/12 - 166 (week ten)
  • 07/13/12 - 164 (week eleven)
  • 07/20/12 - 164 (week twelve)
  • 07/27/12 - 165 (week thirteen)
  • 08/03/12 - 163 (week fourteen)
  • 08/10/12 - 160 (week fifteen)
  • 08/17/12 - 160 (week sixteen)
  • 08/24/12 - 160 (week seventeen)
  • 08/31/12 - 159 (week eighteen)
  • 09/07/12 - 159 (week nineteen)
  • 09/14/12 - 157 (week twenty)
  • 09/21/12 - 155 (week twenty one)
  • 09/28/12 - 155 (week twenty two)
  • 10/03/12 - 155 (week twenty three)
  • 10/12/12 - 154 (week twenty four)
  • 10/19/12 - 153 (week twenty five)
  • 10/26/12 - 153 (week twenty six)
  • 11/02/12 - 152 (week twenty seven)

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    *Disclosure ~ I am receiving access to the website and food in exchange for reviewing the diet plan. All opinions herein are my own and were not influenced by Nutrisystem.


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