Monday, November 05, 2012


I made this little dinosaur costume for my nephew
when my sister in law asked me if I would make a dinosaur costume and sent me a few websites with the tutorials for a jacket and a tail...I said sure.  then I got nervous, only because I didn't want to screw up his costume haha.
as it turned out it was super easy to make and he looked absolutely adorable in it and they got a lot of nice compliments for his costume, so it was totally worth it.
every time I try to make something new and succeed, it builds confidence...I didn't think I had it in me to make a halloween costume...and now I know that I can.

here's a few more looks at my adorable little nephew and his costume

Kristen (my sister in law with Ryan and his godfather)

(Ryan with his daddy)
because we went to georgia, we missed trick or treating in our neighborhood, so I didn't even buy any costumes for the boys.  they were fine about not going trick or treating, but I felt bad. 
as it turned out Anthony's girlfriend told us that her neighborhood was doing trick or treat on halloween night and invited the boys to come over.  I dragged out the costume box and the boys dug through it and found something to wear and Anthony and Michelle walked the boys around her neighborhood.
they also got to trick or treat with their cousin the boys made out like bandits again this year and got to visit with family as well.

(me and Nick putting a puzzle together)

(Nathan with Uncle Jimmy)

Ah....Nathan....when are you going to get over this jealous thing you got goin' on....
hope you all had an awesome halloween too
bring on the turkey!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

What an adorable costume! He looks wonderful!

The Monko said...

that is soooo cute. i have to make a dino hoodie for my son now.