Sunday, November 04, 2012


been quite busy around here lately.
last weekend we took a road trip to georgia for our niece's wedding.
fun times.....ten plus hours in a car with six kids.

we went for the wedding, but I have a buddy that lives there so we got to meet for the first time
there just happened to also be a small festival in their little town, so we took the kids and hung out.

me and the man all gussied up

a few of the wedding pics that I took....such a beautiful bride (who happened to be my flower girl when I got married - oh yeah, i feel old now).
the bride with her daddy

gotta love a country girl who gets married in her boots
Nathan busted loose on the dance floor....LOL it was hilarious (and this was just a small portion of his dance)
(he said "Mommy, are you posting this on your blog?" - Yep, sure am buddy!)
Rich and his mom

my mother in law with the bride's parents

why do boys always make goofy faces?

me and my girls

of course, we needed proof that sarah dressed up.... :) she later confessed that she wore a pair of shorts under her dress hah - that's my little tomboy.

saying goodbye to granny

Nathan dancing with one of the groomsmen

love me some bedtime hugs

anthony is now the proud new owner of a chevy malibu....that he drove all the way home from georgia ten hours straight during the storms.  he followed us and did an awesome job, so proud of my boy!  i didn't take a pic yet, because he is never home anymore lol.
and that is just a little snippet of what's been going on around here.

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