Sunday, December 02, 2012

Glitter Snowflakes

Nathan's book for today was I Am Snow by Jean Marzollo
We made glitter snowflakes.
I found some snowflake templates from various sites on line and we cut them out (other materials included glue and glitter).
We put the snowflakes on wax paper (it made them easier to peel off to dry on another sheet of wax paper - the snowflakes with glue on them stuck to regular paper).
Nathan brushed glue on the snowflakes
Then he sprinkled glitter all over them
In the book, they teach you how to make snowflakes...Nathan gave it a try.
Messy...but Fun!
We *heart* glitter, which is probably a good thing, since we end up having it in our hair and all over us for days afterwards.
I'm not ready for 'real' snowflakes, but I am loving these glitter ones.
Aren't you?

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Ashley said...

My girls would love this! They love all things glittery!