Saturday, December 01, 2012

25 Days - 25 Books

This has got to be my favorite tradition ever.
A few years ago, I started doing this after reading about it on another blog...a new tradition was born
25 Books of Christmas
Gather all your children's Christmas or holiday related books
If you don't have very many, visit your local library and borrow some.  Every year, we've been buying them, so fortunately, we didn't need to borrow too many.

Wrap them.

Each night, let the kids unwrap a book and spend some family time reading to them.  This is even nice when the kids can read the books to you...they get to practice and you get the cuddles :)

And, of course, if you know me then you know that, I also like to incorporate some form of activity with our books.  This can be a craft, a family Christmas movie, baking some cookies, etc. 
here are some ideas that we have done.
In the past, we've made a train for The Polar Express, a penguin for One Snowy Day, santa windsocks for Santa Is Comin' To Town and scrap paper snowflakes and cupcakes for the book, The Snow Speaks

Tonight we opened the book.....It's Holiday Time, by Elizabeth Bennett

It's Holiday Time is a delightful book with cuddly characters who are getting ready for the holidays by baking sweets, visiting family, giving gifts and singing songs.  This sweet book is told in rhyme.  The board book also features a padded cover and lots of glitter accents throughout its pages.
Our activity to go along with this tale was to attend our town's Light Up Night.
The kids got to see Santa ride in on a fire truck, hear the school band play and the chorus sing.  And then of course visit Santa and collect a treat bag.
This is the start of a fun month...December is always full of anticipation, don't you think so?  
Can't wait for more!
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
*Disclosure~ I received the book It's Holiday Time from Tiger Tales for review purposes only.  The opinions herein are my own and were not influenced by Tiger Tales in anyway.


Rachel B said...

I did this too this year :) It is the first time we have done it, but thought it sounded fun from you talking about it, so we are doing it this year- so far the girls love it!

Kirsty said...

We have done this for years, (maybe you read about it on my blog? The post where I wrote about it seems to be by far the most popular post on my blog:) I love it, glad you do too. I love your extra twists on the themes! So cool! We always drink hot chocolate and read by the tree :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I know about the tradition of opening a new book every day...but I love the idea of coordinating an activity with the books. So fun! (I'll be borrowing part of that idea for one of our Advent activities!) :) said...


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