Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Puffy Painted Snowmen

We are on Day 3 of our 25 Books/25 Days of Christmas Project
Tonight we made puffy paint and painted snowmen pictures with it.
Puffy paint is easy to make
it's just equal parts shaving cream and glue.  You can add paint to it for cool colors or even glitter for some bling, but since we were making snow pictures, we left our's white.
Mix it all together
This paint is fun to use, because once it dries it is puffy and makes a cool 3D effect.
We made hats, scarves, noses, eyes and buttons out of construction paper.  If you place the cut outs on the paint before it dries, you don't need extra glue, because the paint already has the glue in it.
Nathan also painted an igloo for his snowmen to live in.
Hmmm, wonder what this could be?
Our new book...
Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Buehner
Ever wonder what snowmen do at night?
Well me and Nathan know  ;)
Puffy paint is so much fun that I had to make one too.
I love creating with my kids.
and I hope it's a special memory that they will always treasure.

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Jolene said...

I love this idea. I plan to do something like this for our 6 children. I need to get 6 copies of Christmas books times 25. I want them to have this tradition with their children. I need to get started for Taj next year. He will be 2 1/2 time to start the tradition then.