Monday, December 17, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012: Week 2

I'm joining Emmy again for week number two of the year in review.  This week we are focusing on the months April, May and June.  Look here for my review of Jan. Feb and Mar.
You can still get in on the fun and share your year in review too, by linking up.  There are some really cool prizes being given away too (including one of my aprons).
April brought some big some really awesome ways.
I turned 40 years old and got accepted to college.
My family threw me a party on my birthday
I wasn't the only one that was special, Nathan was student of the week too.
I also become a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger....who knew when I started that little venture that I would go on to lose over 30 pounds (and counting).
May brought even more fun our way
For Mother's Day, I shared the sweet and hysterical answers of the children of some of my favorite Mom Bloggers - asking why they thought their mothers were the best.  I also lost my first ten pounds.
The little boys started baseball again
The kids continued to enjoy their new love
I shared an old, but cute Memorial Day craft
And the boys made these "thank you" gifts for their teachers.
In June, we celebrated Anthony graduating from high school.
For Father's Day, the kids shared why they love their dad.
Nathan made a cute tissue paper butterfly
and the boys found some tadpoles in a pond, brought some home and watched them grow into frogs.
Make sure to link up and join the fun and share your year in review too....who knows maybe you'll be the lucky winner of one of my aprons. :)


Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

What an amazing recap!! 40 & accepted to college & lost 30lbs! I am so proud of your accomplishments and you have 6 kids-- you're like SUPER WOMAN!!

We have a frog from a tadpole but ours lives in water full time... not sure what kind he is. I sortof refuse to take care of him- its my husbands job since he agreed to get it.
Thanks for recapping with us! Your family is so CUTE!!!!! Newest follower!

Nicole said...

congrats on being accepted to college although boy it sounds like you're busy anyway! You put the rest of us to shame! :). And yey for high school graduations!

Emmy said...

How cool that they survived to become frogs! That would have been fun to watch. And so so awesome that you lost so much weight. And are in school! Great recap! It is so fun looking back.