Monday, July 08, 2013

Erupting Volcano....

all week the boys worked on their volcano
from learning how to make one using papier mache
to painting it
to setting it all up, including using some dinosaur props
we really had to experiment a bit with it to get it to work correctly.
first we had to set the bottle up higher inside, since the volcano was so large
but it wasn't wide enough and the "lava" just flowed inside the volcano, but not up and over.
So we fixed it and added a wider bowl to it.
the coloring looked really dark in the bowl until we added the soda and vinegar
the 'second' time it flowed correctly....

but the kids wanted it to be a brighter color, not light orange.
so we added more red food coloring to it
and did it again
this time it was perfect!

the boys were tickled to pieces
they wanted to do again, but I ran out of vinegar.

this was such a fun project for them to do.
easy too!
for the 'eruption'
all you need is a few drops of dish soap (to make it foamy)
food coloring
baking soda
They plan on doing it again, once I buy the vinegar...I see lots of begging and potential bribing in the future.  ;)

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