Wednesday, July 17, 2013

mommycations ~ the color run

Well, it wasn't really a 'mommycation' since two of my children went with me, it was more like a girls weekend....but it was still fun to get away from the day to day mom/wife life.
Ever since I lost weight, I wanted to do something big to celebrate (especially since I turned the big 4-0)...
enter the color run.
I didn't exactly seek this out, my friend's daughter did one in a city nearby and she loved it and when I saw and heard about how much fun she had...I thought it sounded perfect.
Then I found out that there was going to be one in Philadelphia, about 5 hours from my hometown...
perfect, of course, now there is another one about an hour from me coming this fall, which would have been fun, but oh well....I got to spend an amazing weekend in the "city of brotherly love" with my daughters and one of my best friends...who could ask for more.
we made the best of our weekend by enjoying the sights, touring some fun and historical places and of course indulging in a philly cheesesteak (or two)...yummers!
I took boo coo be prepared to get blasted with some color and loads of pics.

all clean....for now, anyway

hello....yellow sunshine!

yippee...for pretty pink!

feelin' rather...smurfy lol!

this little chickie hearts her orange
oh yeah....she went there lol!
and just like that it was all over....way too fast!

happiest 5k....happiest glad I went

can't think of anyone I'd rather do this with....
we be a bunch o' dirty girls...check out those nasty feet took two showers and three hair washings to get all that color out.

then of course, we got lost trying to find our car....

nothing like wandering around searching for your car in a strange city.

Thank the good Lord for the GPS iphone app and for someone (me) for at least remembering that we parked in front of a business that was easy to remember.

more adventures coming soon...... 

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