Thursday, July 18, 2013

rocky steps & the museum of art {mommycations}

one of the stops on our philly trip had to be the 'rocky steps'
Sarah, who by the way has never watched the movie, really wanted to run the was on her 'to do' list.  She even bought herself a special t'shirt for the occasion.
we pulled up front of the building and just parked our car right out front.
the girls were excited and decided to race to the top (I took a video of them running up the steps)

I ran them too....and that was after the run and walking all over the city for 3 days....phew!
top of the steps.....what a beautiful view!! 
and of course we took turns standing in his footsteps (except Amanda, who said it was too hot outside)...
woohoo....we did it!

she played in the fountain instead
Sarah, Terri and I walked all the way around the many cool things to see...including the water works, reservoir and rustic pavilion.  the detail on the museum is amazing.
these are just some random shots around the museum (including the water works....)



one very happy 'rocky' girl!
 I'm thinking we're going to have to dig out that old movie for her to watch, don't you?
more fun adventures coming up.....

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