Friday, December 11, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

We celebrated Rich's birthday last night (his birthday is actually the 8th). I think I gave him the BEST present when I told him he was only 42. For some reason he kept thinking he was 43, so when I reminded him that he was only 42, he said Hmmpf, I'm younger than I thought I was. LOL, he cracks me up!

I always wait to put up the Christmas decorations until after his birthday, so that even though he's a grown man, his birthday still has meaning and it doesn't get lost in the Christmas spirit. He requested beef stroganoff for his birthday dinner and homemade "Gob" icing on chocolate cake. I also bought his favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. The kids had fun (they always love when we celebrate someone's birthday).

Here's some pics.....

Dinner - Beef Stroganoff, Peas and Biscuits

The Decorations

Holy Smokes - that's ALOT of candles, the house was smokin' haha!

He got them all out in one shot LOL!

Birthday Cards and Presents.......

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