Monday, December 07, 2009

A Super Fun and Easy Christmas Project

Nathan and I did this project this morning. He had a lot of fun, but then I think it's because he ate more candy than he glued on his gingerbread boy LOL! When I'm complaining later about how hyper he is, I'll have no one to blame, but myself :D

It was super easy to make and anyone can do it. Just take a paper grocery sack (we used a sheet of brown butcher paper). Cut out a gingerbread boy shape (I traced Nathan and then cut it out, because our paper was so big). Then start gluing on the candy.

Some ideas for the candy are gumdrops, peppermints, twizzlers, skittles, can use just about any kind of candy you want as long as the glue will stick to it. All I used was Elmer's school glue, but you could probably use a glue gun, if you wanted to.

Nathan loved doing this project. It was super easy and a lot of fun to do.
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