Friday, December 04, 2009

I Can Say I Knew Them When.....

On Sunday night (there wasn't any school on Monday, of course), Anthony invited a couple of friends to sleep over. And let me tell you there wasn't any sleeping going on with them, they were up when the roosters were crowing. I went to bed, Rich went to bed, the boys - not so much. They played Rock Band and video games All_Night_Long. I think they all had fun and that's what counts. I hope they want to do it again sometime, because to tell the truth...I had fun too.

I know I complained about one of Anthony's friends being here all the time in an earlier post. But then, Rich told me that without his friends growing up, he wouldn't have had anything to do. He was constantly hanging out with them and it made me appreciate the fact that Anthony has made good choices in his friends. And I'm glad that we can provide a nice, fun, safe place for them to chill out. I kinda like having the "hang out" house. Does that make me the cool mom? Please say yes - LOL!

Justin and Anthony trying to fix one of the guitars
Vincent playing a solo
Justin rocking on the guitar
Amanda the drummer girl
All of them jamming (Anthony was singing - very badly - I might add LOL) - Do the cool moms still say jamming???
Nicholas doing a handstand, trying to be cool too
Nathan enjoying the "Rock Concert"

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Corrie Howe said...

We allow my teen to have teens over about once a month. It is one of the best nights of the month, they are so much fun.