Saturday, April 03, 2010

Been Busy......

I have to work this weekend, so there goes the Easter dinner plans.  I'm kinda bummed about it.  It seems every year I get to watch my kids hunt for eggs and eat candy and then I shuffle off to work (Kinda Sucks!).  But I guess if they are going to be on a sugar high all day, then they might as well hang out with dear old dad, huh? Ha!

But, having to work the weekends always leaves me less time to get things done and I end up having to rush around trying to fit everything in.  So we dyed eggs a couple of nights ago, baked some egg shaped sugar cookies last night.  And I guess I'll be seen rummaging the aisles of Walmart tonight after work for last minute candy/basket stuffers (I HATE doing that).  I did ask for this weekend off, but didn't get it....Did I mention how much I hate having to jam stuff into a few hour window, before I have to go to work?!? Sucks!!

At any rate here are some pics of the kids dyeing eggs.......(in trying to rush, I waited until right before bath time, so they could make a mess and go straight to the tub - but totally forgot to lay newspaper down first, so my kitchen table is sporting some lovely colors as well as the eggs).

Some pics of the Easter Egg Sugar Cookies we baked last night.  These came out really cute, I think.  Just make your basic sugar cookie dough and divide it into three or however many you want sections and add some food coloring to each section...we did purple, pink and green.  Roll them out together.  After a while they do start to blend in a bit, but not too much.  Use an egg shape cookie cutter to cut out the shapes.  Sprinkle with some colored sugar and bake accordingly.

We baked a few bunny faced cookies as well.
Have a Great and Blessed Easter!!
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