Friday, April 23, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow.....

I tried to take it easy on Nathan this morning, since he is still recovering from his shot trauma.  And we worked on some cute little garden projects.  I found all the items we used at Target, in their Dollar Spot section.  They have tons of cute little garden products for little ones.  Everything from little tools, flower and vegetable seed packets, little pots that have seeds already with them, kid sized gloves, flower pots, buckets, etc.  They also had a make your own garden stone kit (I bought the last one at the store that I visisted, other wise I would have bought a few more).

Since the stone takes up to 24 hours to set, we worked on that first.  Nathan was disappointed that he couldn't decorate it just yet.  Which is why I did a second project as well, to sort of tie him over until he can paint on the stone.  He LOVES painting projects.

The create a garden stone project was somewhat messy, I would recommend laying newspaper on the table (I didn't - and had a HUGE mess to clean up).  Adult help is a must.  Not only is it messy, but it dries very quickly. 

The second project we did was planting some flower seeds in these cute little tin, kid sized buckets.  I filled them with potting soil and then let Nathan add the seeds.  He went a teensy bit overboard........

I think he was disappointed that they didn't magically grow the instant he poured the water on top. 
Patience, my son.....Patience!

Good things come to those who wait!
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