Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Down On The Farm.......

Sorry the pic is blurry! Rich took it on his cell phone and I suspect that Nathan wasn't holding very still at the time either.   Especially since Rich said shortly after he took the picture Nathan dropped the poor thing.  That's a little baby chickie that he's holding in his hands.  Rich took Nathan to our friend Lew's farm for a little while yesterday.  They saw chickens and horses and little baby chickies hatching from their eggs.  Very cool learning experience he had.  He saw Lew's huge garden and told him he must of needed such a big garden cause he's so fat (LOL!)....Lew laughed, no harm done!

Nathan told me that he got to drink orange pop and play with the kittens and dogs too.  But, he didn't get to ride the horseys, he said.  You can tell he had a good time.  And best of all, Daddy brought home some tomato and cucumber plants courtesy of Lew.  Thanks Lew for once again helping my garden grow (for not only providing me with plants, but with horse manure as well).
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