Sunday, June 13, 2010

Milestones......How I Loathe Thee

Let me explain - I only "loathe" milestones, simply because it means my kids are growing up.  Don't you wish you could bottle up all these memories and place them on a shelf? I guess technically you can, if you photograph everything your children do.  Which is funny, because that's exactly what I've been doing.  I snap pictures of just about everything my kids do.  When they complain, I say "think of the day you are going to thank me for taking all these pictures." 

I have found a cheap way to preserve these memories too.  Snapfish! See, Rich and I drink a lot of pop (yeah, yeah, yeah - I know it's not good for you, etc.).  Coke has points that you can redeem for fun things.  I have already redeemed points for magazines (not that I ever have time to read them).  If you redeem 50 points (I think?), you can get 30 prints from Snapfish for free.  You pay for shipping and handling.  Or you could upload your prints to Snapfish and pick the ones you want to print and pick them up at Walmart (You just pay for the printing - I think it's 20 cents ?? a pic). 

Geesh, did I get sidetracked there or what?! At any rate......

Speaking of milestones, our family has hit some major ones:

Anthony passed his Learner's Permit Test - Now, it's Daddy's job to teach the new drivers in this house.  Mommy might have more patience, but Dad is a HECK of  ALOT braver than Momma - LOL!

Sarah and Zachary graduated the 6th grade....It's on to the high school, they go.  Sarah said she didn't want to "grow up" because she didn't want to go to high school.  I don't want her to grow up either, darnit!

Mrs. Stoffa and Sarah

Mr. Morecraft and Zachary

The twins with the elementary principal, Mr. Cole

Of course, every mother of twins knows you must get the obligatory picture of them together when they reach those milestones (and I naturally took tons!).

Amanda got a job (her first one, other than babysitting, which really doesn't count) - a waitressing job at Bob Evans.  She hasn't worked that much yet, but she's been spending her paychecks already, in her head - LOL! 

To add insult to injury, Amanda said "Mom, this is really a BIG milestone year.  This will be my last year of high school.  The twins first year of high school and Nathan's first year of school."  Thanks for reminding me kid!

More fun pics of "graduation night"

And this next little gem......the girls actually getting along (GASP!).  Amanda was saying "Stop it, Mom!" LOL! But, I had to document this, as they don't always get along so well.  Amanda actually let Sarah borrow her clothes, did Sarah's hair and put some make up on her.  And Sarah let her do it.  It was fun listening to them talking too.  Reminded me of when my sister did those things with me! That's the kind of memories I'm glad my kids will have too!


Alexandra said...

Oh, how I know what you mean. My son just graduated from grade school, and I know high school will be twice as quick.

I don't want to think about it.

Evonne said...

I love the baby milestones, but after that I'm not too keen on them. It's just a reminder that they're growing up and we're getting older.

Congrats to your kids and all their big milestones!

Debbie said...

I don't like milestones any more either! They keep coming faster and faster...

Emmy said...

Wait 7th grade is in the high school? What happened to Junior high? And yes you fo have some big milestones in your family this year.