Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pie For All

For this week's stART project we read the book All For Pie and Pie For All by David Martin.  This was a really cute book about a grandma cat that bakes a pie for her family.  When the cat family is done eating the pie, there is one piece left, so a mouse family eats the last piece of pie, leaving behind crumbs for an ant family to enjoy.   When they all wake up from their naps, the grandma cat asks everyone if they would like another pie.  They all say yes, including the mice and ants.  And then they all bake the pie together, which was Nathan's favorite part of the book.

We decided to bake a pie together.  I made a big pie and Nathan made a little pie.  We made apple pie like the grandma cat made.

We also made a blueberry "pretend" pie....Our craft project, since the second pie they all made together was a blueberry one.

We used a small pie tin and placed the lid inside to give the "pie" volume.  Then we cut out the crust using felt.  For the blueberries, we used blue glitter foam board cut into circles.  And then glued criss cross felt on the top of the pie.  It came out really cute!

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